How to access an online casino in Croatia

How to access Croatian online casino

Croatia is no longer just a tourist destination for its fantastic beaches and delicious food. It has become a new vessel for online casinos. Whether you’re a native Croatian, a foreigner living in Croatia or just on vacation, knowing the rules and practices for playing at casinos in other countries can be helpful. This article will serve as a guide to playing at online casinos in Croatia. 

The background for the Croatian gambling market 

How to access Croatian online casino

Since Croatia is a newly recognized independent state, the gambling market is also relatively new. The gambling laws allow for online gambling, which has been the case since 2014. While there are land-based casinos and a national lottery, online casinos have become more widespread, with casinos like giving gamblers access to play various games. Some of them are online poker and blackjack.

Like in other countries, mobile casinos are also an option for gamblers. Therefore, people have the opportunity to play on the go or while tanning on the beach.

Can foreigners play? 

Players above 18 are allowed to play at online casino in Croatia. Otherwise, the other requirements depend on where the player is located. People within Croatia’s borders can choose to play at online casinos. This is because the casinos with licenses are legal and available for all players. Some casinos might require a national ID, but this is not the case for all casinos. 

Now, the question of whether foreigners outside of Croatia can play has no definite answer. Some might be unable to access the casino site since their country doesn’t allow its citizens to play at foreign casinos. But most Croatian sites do allow international players. Therefore, it depends on the rules of the player’s own country.  

How to find the optimal online casino 

Finding the right online casino is challenging with an abundance of online casinos. Some sites usually review online casinos. However, iit is up to the player to find a good casino themselves. Here are some of the criteria to look for: 

Whether there is a license or not

The amount of bonuses

The wagering requirements 

The variety of games 

The advantages of Croatian online casinos 

Some international players might look for Croatian casinos because of the new bonuses that casinos in their own country might not offer. While the casinos are in Croatian language, some still provide services in English. Therefore, expats or other foreigners in Croatia can also play at the casinos. 

Author: Michael Roberts