A Guide to Different Types and Styles

Bingo, a timeless game enjoyed by many has a lot more to offer than you may think. The bingo world is like a vast universe, filled with different expert review about various rules and games to suit various tastes. This guide explores the different types and variations that make bingo an exciting and adaptable pastime.

Classic Bingo: 75-Ball and 90-Ball Bingo

Let’s begin with the classics that have been around for a long time. In 75-ball bingo, played a lot in North America, players use a 5×5 grid card to make different patterns and win. It’s a mix of luck and strategy, making it fun and engaging.

On the other side of the world, in the UK and Australia, the 90-ball bingo brings a different kind of fun. With a 9×3 grid, players aim to complete lines or get a full house for different levels of victory. These classics are like well-crafted puzzles, loved for their simple rules and the endless patterns one can make.

Going Beyond: 80-Ball, Speed Bingo and More

As one steps into the less-known territory of this game, one finds bingo games that break the usual mould. The 80-ball bingo is a mix of the classics that has a 4×4 grid with various patterns, offering players a new and dynamic experience. If you’re someone who likes things fast, speed bingo with its 30-ball setup gives a quick thrill as you race to complete your card.

It’s clear that bingo is always changing to keep things interesting. The 80-ball bingo brings a new twist, and speed bingo is for those who want more excitement. With the different types of the game, there’s something for everyone interested, whether it’s the traditional type or the more modern one.

Special Adventures: Themed and Team Bingo

Bingo isn’t just about numbers; it can also be themed or played as a team. Themed bingo makes the game more creative, with cards showing holiday themes, seasonal fun or even things from pop culture. This turns the game into a visually exciting experience that matches special occasions.

Team bingo is about playing together. Players join forces, competing as a team against others, turning bingo into a social event. It’s about sharing the joy of winning together.


The world of bingo games has something for everyone, from classic favourites like 75-ball and 90-ball to newer experiences like 80-ball and speed bingo. Themed and team bingo add extra excitement, making bingo not just a game, but an adventure filled with creativity and teamwork. As you explore the many options in the world of bingo, enjoy the diversity and savour the joy of shouting “Bingo!” – a cheerful shout that connects players to the shared fun of the game.

Author: Michael Roberts