Popular Estonian Payment Methods for Online Casinos

Estonia is one of the European countries where online gambling is completely legalized. But to take full advantage of this, players must use the best payment methods accepted by casinos. 

The Estonian gambling market supports different kinds of transaction systems. Gamblers can use these on the operators they can find on the Playin online casino list. 

So, what are these players’ options when making payments on gambling sites? We will take a quick look at those today to give you a better idea.

Why Use Estonian Payment Methods?

Before we show you the popular systems, here are some reasons why these are used for gambling in Estonia. In fact, players prefer to test free casino games first before using these methods for paying. 

All the payment methods support Euro transactions, the official currency in Estonia.

Operators try to process payment as soon as possible so their customers can enjoy themselves. 

The transactional system in Estonia uses secure payment gateways. Besides, casinos have AML policies and fraud detection systems, which makes them safer. 

Frequently Used Payment Methods in Estonia

Not all casinos will offer the same set of methods, but they have similarities. We will focus on those as there’s a high chance you can find them at your preferred gaming site. 

Credit/Debit Cards

Every operator out there will offer this system to you. Why? It’s fast, easy, and above all else, convenient. You can make deposits almost instantly. If you’re planning to use it for withdrawing money, you might have to wait a couple of days. But it’s still better than some of the other alternatives out there.  


It is a payment method that didn’t exist ten years ago. It’s a digital payment method where you can link your bank account or credit cards with the e-wallet for an added layer of security. The transaction doesn’t use your banking information, so there’s little risk of stolen information. 

Aside from this, e-wallet payments are speedy whether you’re depositing money or taking it out. The instant transaction speed is one of the many reasons online casinos offer this method to their players. 

Some of the most e-wallet companies in Estonia are: 







Bank Transfers

This is an oldy but a goody. Regardless of what you’re doing, it’s the slowest of all payment systems out there. You might have to wait anywhere from 1-4 business days for a transaction to finish. 

But in return for this, you get the guarantee of the bank for the safety of your money. They will verify every little detail before the payment is authorized. So, there is almost no risk at all with this method. 

It’s Up to You

Now that you know a little about the payments and the methods to use, the choice is yours. Choose whichever best suits your transaction preferences and start using them immediately. 

Author: Michael Roberts